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anchored in the message of grace and forgiveness Through

Jesus Christ

Ocean Park, WA


New Here?

We are a gathering of Christ followers who are working together to bring the message of grace and forgiveness through Jesus Christ to the Long Beach Peninsula.  We do this by sharing and showing out the message of Jesus in our community.

Every Sunday at Peninsula Baptist Church we invite you and your family to connect with and experience the presence of God in your life.

9 & 11 AM - Worship Gathering

Please join us for a relaxed and friendly worship service in the main auditorium.  You will enjoy guitar led worship and practical, biblical, passionate teaching from God's Word.


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(360) 665-5060

office hours
Fri-Sat Closed


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Who We Are

We are privileged to welcome a growing number of people from our community as they seek to know God. This indicates an increasing hunger for true spirituality in our day. People have tried the American Dream and found it lacking. But this shouldn't surprise us, for we weren't created to find our fulfillment in things or pleasure, but in a personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ

What We Believe

The ministries of Peninsula Baptist Church are provided so that people of all ages can be established and grow in a personal relationship with God; a relationship that is not just a Sunday experience but is integrated into the whole of life.

Our prayer is that you will find your place with us as we journey towards reconciliation with God.

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Our Leadership Team

Lead Pastor
Chris Garrison


Mike Snider (Chair)
James Riggs

Support Staff
Sallie Daggy
(Administrative Assistant) 
Rocky Keel
Joel Uram (Worship Leader)

23802 Pacific Way
Ocean Park, WA 98640


Mon-Thu 9am–2:30pm
Fri-Sat Closed

9:00am First Service
11:00am Second Service


Nursery - Childcare is available in our nursery for ages 0-3 during both worship services. 

Peninsula Kids - Our Sunday morning children's ministry meets during the second half of each worship service. 

Peninsula Students - Peninsula Students is our weekly program for 7th - 12th graders that meets during the school year. Middle School Youth Group meets Wednesdays at the church from 6:30-8:00 PM, with doors opening at 6:15. High School Youth Group meets Sunday at the Dunes Bible Camp View Room from 6:30-8:30 PM, with doors opening at 6:15.
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JESUS TOWN - JESUS TOWN is a mid-week Bible club for boys & girls in preschool through 6th grade. JESUS TOWN meets on Tuesday evenings from October through May at 6:00 PM at Peninsula Baptist Church.  Each week the kids get to play games, memorize Scripture, sing songs, and hear a Bible story. Children can join us anytime during the year.

Men's Ministry - At Peninsula Baptist Church we desire to see men grow in their faith and learn to be leaders and champions of their own homes. We offer weekly, quarterly, and yearly opportunities for men to connect, learn, and grow with one another. To learn more about our regular meetings and events please contact our church office. 

Women's Ministry - At Peninsula Baptist Church we desire to see women grow in their faith and learn what it means to follow Christ with all of their life. Each week there are multiple groups of ladies meeting for Bible Study.  There are also monthly fellowship gatherings throughout the year.  We also have a group of women attend the Women's Retreat at Dunes Bible Camp each year.  For more information please contact our church office.

Pack2School - Each August we distribute school supplies and backpacks to about 400 students in the Ocean Beach School District at the Pack2School Carnival. Many individuals, businesses and organizations contribute funds and help pull this off. For more information or to find out how you can help set students up for success at school this year please contact the church office. Visit for more information.  

Prayer - Prayer is one of our core values at Peninsula Baptist Church.  Several groups pray every week for you. If you would like, please submit a prayer request by clicking the Prayer link. 



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what we believe

While there are many things that we all value in life, we at Peninsula Baptist Church have agreed upon five distinct values that help direct us in how we engage the mission of God in our community. (Click here to learn more about what we believe)

our mission

At Peninsula Baptist Church we believe that God is on a mission and that he invites us to be a part of His mission.  We understand this mission to be lived out in three different ways

This has to do with our horizontal relationship with those individuals who have not yet placed their faith in Jesus Christ as their savior.  As a part of our desire to love them we are to share with them the good news of Jesus Christ.  To do this we serve as witness of the work of the gospel in our lives both by the actions we do and the words that we say.

This purpose has to do with the horizontal relationships we have within the family of God.  As fellow believers in Jesus Christ we exist to edify, or build up, each other so that every believer will become mature in Christ.  This is accomplished through loving, discipling, and serving each other.